Proud of our past, ambitious for the future.

The Denholm Group operates in the fields of Shipping, Logistics, Seafoods and Industrial Services.  Our businesses are committed to meeting their customers' requirements and exceeding their expectations, and work under the 'Denholm Standard' of upholding the law, integrity, fairness and respect.


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Our strategy is to own businesses that operate in a number of different fields, with a view to providing a diversification of risk to our shareholders.  Today, our businesses are in the shipping, logistics, seafoods and industrial services sectors.

Our head office is in Glasgow and our management style is to delegate authority and responsibility.  Each of our businesses has its own management team that runs its business from where it operates - close to customers.  All our businesses are managed with the objective of meeting our customers’ requirements and exceeding their expectations  

Across the UK we operate from 50 offices and employ over 1,000 people, who have signed up to the principles of the 'Denholm Standard': upholding the law, integrity, fairness and respect.