J. & J. Denholm Marks 150th Anniversary with Engineering Scholarship


This year, J. & J. Denholm Limited marks its 150th anniversary.  Founded in 1866 by James Denholm, today the company directly employees 1,000 people at over 50 sites throughout the UK.

The business was established by twenty-year-old James Denholm in 1866 and during his first three years, James gained a reputation as an excellent ship's agent and shipbroker.  In 1869 James was joined by his sixteen-year-old brother John and J. & J. Denholm was born.

During its 150-year history, the company has experienced a number of changes.  In the 1870s, the company extended from ship agency to ship ownership.  In the 1890s, J. & J. Denholm transitioned from wooden sailing ships to steel steam ships.  The ship management business was developed in the 1960s and during the 1980s, the company diversified into Logistics, Seafoods and Industrial Services.  These changes enabled the company to overcome the challenges of limited life cycles faced by most businesses and are the reason J. & J. Denholm exists and thrives today.

James and John Denholm were the first in a series of brothers that would grow J. & J. Denholm Limited.  Throughout 150 years of trading, each generation has had family members who have been highly capable and focussed on developing the business.  Rather than simply enjoying their good fortune, they have been committed to building the company for future generations.  Today, the company is still managed and controlled by fourth-generation Denholm family members.

As well as a growing number of family members, J. & J. Denholm has been supported by a hugely professional and loyal staff.  Chairman and Chief Executive of J. & J. Denholm, John Denholm, said, "I do not think our good fortune has been entirely a matter of luck; it must in part be attributed to the fair and respectful way in which we deal with, and look after, our people.  For our business to succeed, we must maintain this approach.  This is why the 'Denholm Standard' of integrity, fairness, respect and upholding the law is the cornerstone of the Group today."

The company has marked this major milestone by donating to the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights to endow a scholarship in Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  A book to commemorate 150 years of trading, "The Diamond D", will be published later in the year and a number of parties are planned around the UK for both employees and customers, past and present.